sábado, abril 22, 2006

513. Tortoise - tnt

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For some reason I can't get motivated to write about this album, so I'll make it brief just so I can get past it. TNT is more focused and 'song' oriented than 'millions now living' was - the disc does still have moments of jazz meanderings but they are more riff based and less ambient. I remember really likeing this cd when I got it but again a lot of these were used as a backdrop to some radio/tv show, and once that happens they just aren't as special anymore.

7.8 out of 10

sábado, abril 08, 2006

512. Tortoise - millions now living will never die

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I am one of the lucky million. Tortoise features John McEntire, the drummer from the Sea and Cake, David Pajo from Slint and a handful of other guys who must be from the Chicago music scene... the songs are all instrumental (a constant feature on all of Tortoise's releases, I think) and refuse to easily fit into one genre. At times I find the songs to be brilliant and others boring - that's bound to happen with a 20 minute track, but overall I wish the album was less static and a bit more dynamic.

6.8 out of 10

511. Archer Prewitt - wilderness

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Ellen likes 'Wilderness' the most. Matt likes 'In the Sun' the most. I don't think that Meadows has heard any Archer Prewitt before and I like 'Three' the most... All of Archer's albums are varied enough for four friends to have such different favorites... Wilderness seems to be the disc that plays it safe - all of the songs are, well, great songs. So how is that playing it safe? Well they come accross sometimes as too calculated, too good, maybe even too produced. All the unexpected moments tucked into them easily gets Archer an A for effort, but music shouldn't feel like an assignment. The songs just jam too much into them too soon, I wish they had more room to breathe. "Way of the Sun' is a great microcosm of the album and hopefully will help you make some sense of all the bullshit I just said. In the end it is still a great AP record. Also, ever notice how the end of 'O, KY' sounds like the end of a Tears for Fears song?

8.7 out of 10
Way Of The Sun

domingo, abril 02, 2006

510. Archer Prewitt - three

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I remember that when I got this album I didn't like it as much as 'In the sun', but after this weekend of listening to it at least ten times, it has really grown on me. Back when I first got it I remember being against the strings, backing vocals, tighter production and how the songs were um, 'songy'. This time around those are the things I like the most about the record. The song below pretty much sums up the sound of the album.

9 out of 10
The Race

sábado, abril 01, 2006

509. Archer Prewitt - in the sun

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I picked this up a couple of years ago at Other Music used and loved the album the minute I put it on - I don't know why it took me so long to pick up Archer's solo stuff... 'In the sun' is a solid pop album that sounds both sophisticated and simple... riffs are repeated and built upon preciously. The real surprise though was hearing what a soild voice Archer had.

8.7 out of 10
Good Man

508. Sam Prekop - who's your new professor

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I hate to say this but I wish this was a Sea and Cake album - WYNP brings back the intimacy, restraint and subtleties that have been missing lately from the sea and cake. From the opening track 'Something' you're immediately drawn in. The record flows perfectly from one feeling to the next, almost ending abruptly (or better yet, too soon) with 'Between Outside'.

9 out of 10

Dot Eye