terça-feira, abril 29, 2008

741. Mazzy Star - So tonight that I might see

"Fade into you" is the song that everyone thinks about when they hear Mazzy Star, or so I think. To me I just remember the album bumming me out even more a specific summer in 90 something - I also remember loaning it Chad the first night he went over to his then girlfirend's apartment - they been married for over 10 years I think, so they saw something that night with the help of the disc. For me I was somewhat in a weird place with school, work and friends, and hearing this just made it a tad weirder I guess. Anyway, parts of the album sound really fresh still while others a bit cliched.

8 out of 10

She's My Baby

segunda-feira, abril 28, 2008

740. Mazzy Star - She hangs brightly

So new section, new attitude. I'm going to start posting more songs again, and try to speed up the number of posts per week.

Mazzy Star. I first started with "So Tonight That I Might See" and worked my way back to (more on the other album to follow)...
"She hangs brightly" is as intricate and layered as their other albums but not as fragile. Hope has always had the essential combination of whisper and howl that so many have copied. The songs on this disc are a bit bluesier and louder.

7 out of 10

Give You My Lovin

quinta-feira, abril 24, 2008


Finally, a new category. Here we begin to explore texture, echoes, noise and halls. Come in.

segunda-feira, abril 21, 2008

739. The Sundays - Blind

"Blind" follows in the same footpath as the band's previous release - sweet melancholic songs that don't offer or disturb much.

6.1 out of 10

quarta-feira, abril 09, 2008

738. The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

The Sundays sound a lot like The Innocence Mission, or vice versa, who also sound a lot like Sixpence None the Richer who sound a bit like the La's, and so forth... point is that the fact that these bands sound the same is both bad and good. Bad that you can get easily sick of them, or dismiss their songs and good because you know exactly what your getting. The Sundays though are one of the originals and it shows - the music is everything you'd expect it to be and slightly more. Forget all those other bands I mentioned and just get this.

7 out of 10

terça-feira, abril 08, 2008

737. The Innocence mission - glow

I got this on a whim, and I think it bummed me out for a long time. All the stuff I bought during that period bummed me out. The Innocence Mission sounds like a lot of other bands in the same genre - blissful melodies, ethereal vocals and fluid arrangements. They're the 'Gene' of 'the Smiths' but for 'the Sundays', if that makes sense. The record serves it purpose well.

6.5 out of 10

sexta-feira, abril 04, 2008

736. Sinéad O'Connor - Universal Mother

I remember loving the Lion and the Cobra album when it came out - I first heard of her on a Grammy performance my grandmom had taped and sent to Brasil for me. I never completely heard the "I do not want..." album mainly because that Prince song was being played every two seconds (for the record I do like Prince). So I'm not sure what possesed me to get this but I did and it has some very good moments - the spoken intro and first song are a powerful combo - but some of the other tracks tend to forget about the music and focus too heavily on the message. Other tracks are incredibly dreary and sad - two things that on this overcast day I don't really want to hear. Oh and to then really bum you there's a cover of Nirvana's "All apologies".

5 out of 10

735. the cranberries - no need to argue

I must admit, Chad and I were sitting down hanging out and doing something of no importance and 'Zombie' came on and we were in shock - here this blissful, spin around in your dress band had gone electric and slightly heavy - and we loved it! So I heard a lot of this album and again it takes me back to a cool moment in my life, although maybe it just seemed cool - parts of it were definetly cool and others so so. Ditto for this album.

6.9 out of 10