terça-feira, dezembro 11, 2007

712. Sarah McLachlan - rarities, b-sides & other stuff

Well now this was just sort of foolish. But when I am on to something, I'm on it. Sarah somehow got on to the whole electronic kick that the rest of the music industry was on. Her songs were remixed and made more club like. This disc also features some demos and covers, one of which is XTC's 'Dear God'. See the unofficial video below, which may be better than the cover itself.

4.3 out of 10

711. Sarah McLachlan - fumbling towards ecstasy

One of the reasons why this blog has been moving at a snails pace is due to the fact that I am coming into a section of cds I'm not in the mood for. You may ask what I was thinking when I picked this up but remember that at one point believe it or not Sarah was considered somewhat indie, or back then, alternative. She was featured on the No Alternative compilation (along with Nirvana, The Breeders, Smashing Pumpkins, Matthew Sweet, Beastie Boys and a great track by Pavement) - and was Canadian way before BSS. I've been known as saying that this album isn't 'half bad' and I stand by it. Sure it sounds more like 'lite FM' than alternative now, but the songs are decent, it isn't too over produced (just in a quasi techno early nineties sort of way). She also got points for including a mystery hidden track at the end - a popular 90's gimmick. It is what it is. Plus I had a thing for her.

6.3 out of 10