domingo, maio 14, 2006

514. Stereolab - transient random noise bursts with announcements

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Okay, so we're back here at 'wifhm' with another poorly conceived review. The good news is I've picked up some new cds to eventually review and I'm nearing the halfway point - so I'll post pictures of what we've covered, what we have left and the discs that are being dumped.

Now, on to Stereolab. They're dangerous because at one moment you're completely into them and then the next you're bored. But, in all fairness, back in 94 I was mostly impressed - the band's name is very apt - sounds, languages, effects, rhythms are all mixed and organized often making something worthwhile. Though not on this disc, the band was later joined by John McEntire from the Sea and Cake (yes it's all very incestuous).

7 out of 10

Analogue Rock