quinta-feira, julho 15, 2010

1330. Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics

In the early 2000's the Lips were at the height of their popularity. Yoshimi had given them radio play and critical appreciation, something they had never got both at the same time. I guess the pressure was on to follow it up with an album that would be as equally successful commercially as the previous. At War is half good, and half bad. The bad contains weak attempts at crafting pop nuggets as poetic as Do you Realize - keep in mind this is the flaming lips, so I would never assume that they literally sat down wanting to make a carbon copy - but they did seem to want to follow a familiar path. The other half that's good veers away from that path with genuine Lips songs that take you from the insanely mundane to the mundanely insane. or something like that.

7 out of 10