quinta-feira, maio 06, 2010

1249. Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

This is a pretty good SP record. How could it have been better? Well, for starters if James and D'Arcy (or Melissa) are sorely missed. I know Billy says he does everything but truth is he's not 100% of the Pumpkins, maybe 70%, but not a 100%. I'm used to SP records having 'softer' and 'heavier' tracks - Siamese had 'Today' and 'Silverfuck' - Melancholy had 'Zero' and "Tonight, Tonight". But the production varies so much on this record that it just doesn't feel cohesive and therefore takes me out of the 'album' experience - the band should have stuck to one producer and have opened their sound so it doesn't sound so compressed. Regardless it was a good start to the 'comeback'.

7.9 out of 10