terça-feira, maio 04, 2010

1246. The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns

I'm a loyal guy. Even to bands. Afghan Whigs are one of my favorites so checking out any Greg Dulli project is almost a requirement. That got me in trouble once when I purchased a CD by a band called Ass Pony's because Dulli had produced it - turned out to be a stinker and I am still ridiculed over it to this day. The Twilight Singers, now named after the infamous movie series, is Dulli's latest project (along with the one off Gutter Twins I suppose). The thing with Dulli is that if left alone is black velvet, whiskey swigging, oral sex giving persona can come across as a bit over the top - the whigs always maintained the appropriate balance. Here the line is treaded and never thankfully crossed fully, resulting in an energetic testament from the singer.

7.3 out of 10