quinta-feira, outubro 22, 2009

1094. Daniela Mercury - O canto da cidade

This was Daniela's big cd. It's filled with more polished pop samba tunes, minimizing the gap between samba and pop music like it hadn't really been done before. Sure Bossa Nova took samba and slowed it down, made it quieter and brought the melodies upfront - but this is through and through samba with pop, and it's very much Bahia like, with its keyboards and sing along choruses. When I got here for college I arrived on a wednesday and my dad and his bitch wife dropped me off at my school on friday - college was still closed and I remember sitting down with my stereo and putting this on thinking 'what have I done' - it was, as I can best tell 15 years later, the beginning of my great unraveling. I am still waiting to reach the end.

7.3 out of 10