quarta-feira, agosto 26, 2009

1076. James Brown - 70's Funk Classics

I mention Respectables a lot on here, but there was another great bar in the downtown WPB area (the only other one as a matter of fact), owned by the same guy called Lost Weekends. I'd go a lot with Rob, get pitchers of beer and play pool. I was meant to go there, the first girl I dated, Melanie, snuck me in, her room mate was the bouncer, I was 19 I think. Since then I always made it in no problem. They had 8 or so pool tables and arcades - they also had a hell of a jukebox and Rob always played James Brown. So I had to run out and get something, being broke I got this cheap compilation - but it's still good because it's the godfather.

8 out of 10