sexta-feira, março 27, 2009

978. Andrew Bird - Weather Systems

As I go through my cds I remove all the sticker prices and replace cracked jewel boxes (Chad likes to leave all that intact, which can be neat) - but I what I notice is that almost all of my cds were purchased used. I'm a 'serious' music buyer and I buy almost all my stuff used, which brings me to a point Chad and I were discussing the other day: cds should be $5 - all cds. People would be buying them up again - that's cheaper than a drink!

Anyway, on to Andrew Bird. I first heard/saw him when he opened for the Magnetic Fields in Town Hall - and single handedly he ran that show perfectly. He plucked, whistled and tapped his way into a pop looping bloom and this album does much of the same, but to a quiter degree.

6.6 out of 10