terça-feira, março 24, 2009

974. Ryan Adams - Gold

Truth be told, I only have this because at the time the girl I was dating wanted the two disc version with b-sides and when I got that for her she gave me her old copy... ahh the joy of gift giving in relationships. This is the cover that annoys me - what is that Ryan, an Old Navy shirt? And what kind of pose is that? I much rather these other american flag album covers. Ball busting aside at first it seems like this cd isn't as sincere as Heartbreaker, but it is, it's just not as good. Regardless of what anyone says, "Enemy Fire" is a pretty rockin' song. On the other hand "Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues" sounds like Mick Jagger singing with ZZ Top (which in real life would be cool - but this sounds like a knock off).

7 out of 10