sexta-feira, março 13, 2009

956. John Ralston - Sorry Vampire

I know John - Chad knows John really well - we went to college with him and ages ago Chad and I designed a CD for his first band Recess Theory, which then turned into Legends of Rodeo and eventually dissolved into just John by himself. So sure this is going to be subjective, but I am actually going to be short and tough. John is immensley talented as a songwriter and performer - this album is so layered and intricate you can't possibly hear everything in one sitting - despite all this it is at times predictable. My recommendation would be either bring in a song writing partner who's still is far more punk than yours, and that will keep your songs one step ahead - or embrace where you are at and have a female singer join your band where the two of you can share vocal duties and add another dimension to your tracks. As far as design is concerned you can't do much better than Jesse LaDoux!

6.3 out of 10