terça-feira, março 10, 2009

950. Joesph Arthur - Our Shadows Will Remain

I first heard Joesph on KCRW, he was performing live - by himself and I was pretty amazed at how much sound one performer was making and his songs were instantly great - they didn't require the need to grow on you. So, like I used to so often, I came across the CD at Academy Records in the city and bought it for $6. I was disappointed that my new stripped down instant favorites were are polished up, tweaked with effects and backing up vocals - almost every track went way too far. It was as if you met the perfect girl on the beach, as is and then you meet her again out and she has all this unnecessary color on her face, she was perfect before! At their core the songs are really good, but I was hoping for the one man show I heard.

6.8 out of 10