segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2008

862. The Stills - Logic Will break Your Heart

Looking back in 2003 it seemed like a ton of music was coming out then - all sorts of different stuff too, indie had spread out to all sounds and become mainstream. Now five years later a lot of the bands that debuted in 03 have either cemented their position as a mainstay (TVOTR), or are still finding their way (The Rapture) or are on the brink of imploding due to a lack of audible identity (The Killers). The stills fall into the latter and with every release they seem to veer off into a course that retreats to unfamiliar territory instead of advancing to greater (even unfamiliar) areas.

This disc is very, very 'pleasant'. It is a solid release that doesn't make you fall in love with life but at times provides a solid basis for a hard crush. "Lola Stars And Stripes", "Still In Love Song", and "Love & Death" sound like they pressed onto vinyl in 1986 - it was from here that I wish the band had progressed...

7.6 out of 10