segunda-feira, outubro 13, 2008

827. Coldplay - Live 2003

This is a 2 disc set - one DVD and a live CD. A lot of these combos come out now which seem like a good idea except that the live cd is usually too short compared to the live DVD - tracks are missing, or the other issue is that the tracks are taken from various shows and lumped onto a collage of a live album. The whole point of the original live album was to take the listener to the concert he or she missed - so the album was a double - it had intro's, intermissions, drum solos, banter, etc. This live disc is shorter than the video dvd and sounds rushed. Still it manages to capture Coldplay at a time which they may never be at again in terms of critical and commercial popularity. They also sound very 80's here reminding me of a-ha when I saw them in 87 or so (bootleg copies of coldplay shows have Martin doing a version of 'hunting high and low' - and I think I heard him pulling some simple minds into a track, maybe 'moses'. Either way it's an ok cd and dvd for the matter - you're fine without it and slightly amused with it.

7 out of 10