segunda-feira, outubro 13, 2008

825. Coldplay - A rush of blood to the head

If there is one way to make a mass audience pop album it's this way. "A rush of..." is probably one of the best crafted commercial albums ever put out - and it does so with one easy formula: every track counts. All the songs are good - the melodies, quiet or loud(ish) have great hooks and you can't help but give in. Even Gwenyth gave in! It was also a great follow up because it surpasses "Parachutes' at every level: in scope, concept, structure and production. I never heard the follow up "X/Y" but I suspect that it never should have been released as is - there were too many weak links. There isn't a track on here that sounds like a b-side. I remember reading something where Martin was at the Capital offices and he was played "All Things Must Pass" and he insisted that Coldplay only release something that aspired to be as great and important.

8.9 out of 10