quinta-feira, setembro 25, 2008

809. South - From Here On In

It's pretty crazy how your tastes change - I've probably gone from liking something to a few years later not liking it and then back again, but even more.

I loved this cd when I got it - this was another one that I was walking around in HMV and they were playing it - and it happened to be on sale, and I had to get it.

Slight tangent, I love small record stores but part of me already misses the real big ones too - where there was an entire, secluded jazz section, a vinyl row, imports galore, a cheesy dj booth...

Anyway, if this had come out in 1998 it would have been on a ton of lists, instead it was released in 2001, I think and had a ton of hype around it. The songs are lush, detailed, layered, etc., and they just sound cliched now - they're still honest, but just over produced, and I don't think with time the over production is something that we'll be able to appreciate.

4.3 out of 10