quinta-feira, setembro 25, 2008

808. Starsailor - Love is Here

Man sometimes I put this stuff on and wonder how it entered my house. With this one I remember the chain of events. I had picked up a KCRW in studio live CD, and Starsailor had a track on there that wasn't bad (Fever). A month later or so I was at Rockit Scientist and saw the CD for $5. To make matters worse I actually listened to it for a while. When I first got here I couldn't afford to live in the city, I was working freelance only and couldn't commit to an apartment. So I stayed at my dad's in NJ and at Paddi's on the weekends. Waiting for the train during winter in NJ to come into the city is depressing - going back to NJ at night on the train in the winter is depressing too... listening to Starsailor only made maters worse.

Check the sample lyric below:

Don't you know you've got your Daddy's eyes
And your Daddy was an alcoholic
But your mother kept it all inside
Threw it all away

3 out of 10