sábado, fevereiro 17, 2007

609. Weezer - Album 5 demos

So here's what I know. Maladroit sold poorly (at least poorly by Rivers standards) and the band decided to post all their demos online at weezer.com for the fans to hear and make recommendations. Time went by and Rivers decided to scrap all the tracks and record a record with Rick Rubin of all new material (at least partially record it with him, let him go and finish up the rest solo). Well what we have here are 24 tracks that are first takes on songs that pull some weight and have some very solid strength but were never fully recorded. In all they are good starts and would have rathered the band have picked their 10 best from this lot and never have pursued the disaster that was "Make Believe" (an album which I wish was never true and will never acknowledge).

I am tipsy, thanks to chad.

7.3 out of 10