terça-feira, fevereiro 06, 2007

601. The Wrens - secaucus

I just picked this up last week. It took me a while because the band was caught in record label limbo with this 1995 disc stuck in a legal battle - their then label folded and Wind-Up (home to such shit as Creed) purchased the label and sat on this release for ages - making any remaing copies worth a bundle on ebay. If you went to the band's shows they had cd-r versions for sale. Well finally it was released this year. Was it worth the wait? Sure. I loved 'Meadowlands', so I was anxiously waiting to hear this and it's sort of all over the place - part punk, pop, and soul - but always filled with harmonies and melody. I've heard it about four times and obviously haven't lived with it long, so my rating may indeed change...

7.3 out of 10