domingo, janeiro 21, 2007

593. Pixies - complete 'b' sides

Obviously this disc was a must for me and any other Pixies fan. I had some of the older cd singles, but now they've been compiled into one nifty little set. 19 tracks of unreleased tracks, live version, different cuts and instrumentals make this a great disc. Check out the alternate version of "River Euphrates" - it has so much bigger balls than the original. Here's what Frank Black said about the song in the liner notes:
"This was a re-recording of a song from Surfer Rosa which was going to be a B-Side for Gigantic, another re-recording from Surfer Rosa. I think we in the band weren't quite sure why 4AD wanted us to re-cut tracks for a one-off single, but we didn't care: we were gigging in Europe, recording in London, feeling glad to be rock musicians."

7.9 out of 10

River Euphrates