terça-feira, janeiro 16, 2007

591. Pixies - death to the pixies

So if I had all of the Pixies albums then why did I need this greatest hits disc? For the bonus live album. Back in the day Chad, Doug and I used to sit around, drink and talk about which bands we'd each like to see that we could no longer see. Pixies was often mentioned (though Nirvana usually always topped the list) - none of us had been able to ever see them (nor did we ever think we'd get a chance to again). So, when any sort of live cd/rarity came out, you got it. This live cd is pretty standard live Pixies - 21 tracks, which seem to be culled from the same show, though I have no idea from where or when. Sure I have a couple of other live Pixies discs, but can one have too many? Nope. The rating below is for the live disc only.

7.9 out of 10