domingo, janeiro 14, 2007

587. Pixies - surfer rosa

Surfer Rosa is as perfect as the pair of breasts you see on this album's cover. It's a masterpiece, from beginning to end. Not a bad track or weak moment - it should be a staple in everyone's musical library. In college I had a poster of this record over my bed - I was in love with everything on this disc: the music, the type, the layout, photography - even the mysterious billing of Deal as "Mrs. John Murphy". If you don't have it by now buy it - also check out the work of Vaughn Oliver, who along with the Pixies (and Cocteau Twins) became synonymous with the label 4AD.

10 out of 10


Blogger Robert Paulson said...

nat loves this cd (although trompe is growing closer) she is partial to this and the breasts on the cover.

5:23 PM  

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