domingo, janeiro 14, 2007

586. Pixies - come on pilgrim

I'm 32 and didn't get turned on to the Pixies until "Trompe le Monde" came out - I remember buying that for my then girlfriend Sarah - she had "surfer rosa" and "doolittle". I had heard those two thanks to her (she had great taste in music and I owe a lot of what I listen to to her) but for some reason skipped over this e.p. I ended up getting this at a mall in Florida, Meadows was probably present, and it must have been 1994. Anyway, this disc is also pretty great - Black Francis sang a few tracks in spanish because he liked the way it sounded, and the band were just getting started... contains the great "Caribou", "Vamos", "Ed is dead" and "Levitate me".

8.1 out of 10