domingo, janeiro 14, 2007

585. Pixies - pixies

This e.p. actually came out not too long ago. We all know that "Come on Pilgrim", also an e.p., was and is the first offical Pixies release. Turns out that those eight tracks were part of a larger seventeen track demo. That demo tape, which contained a cover photo of a streaker set in a purple duotone, was circulated to labels, and became known as the 'purple tape'. I have no idea why certain tracks were omitted for "Come on Pilgrim" but here are the balance. Given that I am such a big fan this was an easy purchase for me and I must admit, though not brilliant, it's pretty great. Hearing early versions of "Broken Face", "Break my Body" among others was like hearing them again for the first time... also included is the unreleased "Rock a my Soul".

7.9 out of 10