domingo, janeiro 14, 2007

583. Soul Coughing - el oso

SC take a noble step forward with this album even if the results can be slightly off... the album starts off the excellent "Rolling", meanders to the radio friendly "Circles", the darker "St. Louise is Listening", the hypnotic "$300", and aimless "I miss the girl". What makes "El Oso" different isn't only the fact that it's darker in tone, but that all the jazz, free lightness and unexpected samples are gone in favor of more strident beats and loops... a fitting last album by a band trying to move their sound forward.

7.3 out of 10


Blogger Robert Paulson said...

this record is my favorite. it is a great headphones record. what was cool is that they took electronic and put it in the forefront where on previous albums the samples were in the background and the BASS was prominent. There are certain songs that seem to have been plucked from a movie that had not yet been produced. You said it well on your review of ruby that they were like listening to a soundtrack at times. too bad M dougherty solo shit is lame.

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