domingo, janeiro 14, 2007

582. Soul Coughing - irresistible bliss

After their debut the band 'hit it big' with this release - airplay, soundtracks (I think), indie kids and regular folk were all indulging in the band's solid groove and cheeky lyrics... and rightly so. The album isn't necessarily better than 'Ruby Vroom' but really just an older sibling - meaning it's all coming from the same place, just a little bit different... anyway, the album is solid and holds up very well given that it's already 10 years old (a time I sort of miss but wouldn't want to go back to at all)...

"Everything is going up.
Everything is going as planned, yeah.
Everything moves along.
Everything is fine, fine, fine"

8.1 out of 10

The Idiot Kings