quarta-feira, janeiro 10, 2007

581. Soul Coughing - ruby vroom

This 1994 release sounds like, at times, a soundtrack to a late night cartoon... This debut is incredibly eclectic, pulling from so many influences and making it their own. Back when this was released nothing else came close in terms of originality and scope (okay maybe there was, like the Beasties Boys, Beck, et al.) - still it was a novel release during a somewhat stale period.

7.9 out of 10


Blogger Robert Paulson said...

i do remember seeing them on the old jon stewart show and thinking, what the hell is this shit? He's laying a huge standup bass. when I got the record and heard the beginning chords of bus to beezlebub I felt like I had just dropped a hit of blue shields and was preparing for a drive with cloe. good stuff gilugia

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