sábado, dezembro 23, 2006

567/568/569/570. Beck - kcrw sessions (bootleg)

Ahh the internet. If it exists you can someday find it online. When I first moved up north my freelance work was spotty so I had a lot of time on my hands and I stumbled upon these on a peer to peer thing... my lack of employment allowed me to break all the tracks down onto four discs and make covers for them. These were at the time all of Beck's KCRW sessions beginning with 93-94, 95-96, 98 and 02. The quality gets much better once we start hearing his session in 98 for 'Mutations' but the early recordings are worth all the hissing and pops. It's great to be able to hear Beck develop musically through the years and personally too - the actual interview portions are all included and hearing a 23 year old Beck play "MTV makes me want to smoke crack" was pretty amazing... but to me the real gem is on the same disc - hearing a very, very, very early version of "It's all in your mind" that would later re appear in a more fleshed out version on 2002's "Sea Change". Hopefully these will be officially released someday in pristine quality with the interviews intact.

8.1 out of 10