quarta-feira, novembro 08, 2006

552. The Flaming Lips - yoshimi battles the pink robots

I tried to avoid getting this album for a very long time. A lot of the songs had been overplayed in the office, on tv, on the radio... it seemed like everyone was singing "Her name is Yoshimi - she's a black belt in karate", and it became sort of annoying... but I finally heard/bought the album and while it's not as ambitious as Zaireeka, or as perfectly buttoned together as The Soft Bulletin, it does have its moments. Unfortunately some of the lesser moments are drowned in synthetic beats, half thought orchestrations and karate. Still, when you hear Wayne sing "Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face" you know he's being sincere and that's a rarity in a pop song.

8.1 out of 10