domingo, março 26, 2006

502. The Sea and Cake - the fawn

originally uploaded by jrd550.
The band introduces keyboards and even a drum machine, I think and the additions work well because, well, these guys know what they are doing... the sound is definitely polished and a bit more ethereal than on previous releases, far from background music, but instead somewhat cinematic or better yet, episodic. It also bothered me that for a very long time NPR would use parts of these songs as intros/outros to many of their shows - though it was NPR you still got the same feeling one gets when you hear a song you love on a commercial. Random point.

8 out of 10


Anonymous Matt Ferrin said...

First of all. I hate this site is in Spanish. It's so pretentious. Sencond, The Fawn is the best Sea & Cake album.

10:27 AM  
Blogger jrd said...

First: It's Portuguese you asswipe.

Second: The Fawn is good, but even The Biz is better - go back and listen to it again.

11:30 AM  

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