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499. The Sea and Cake - the sea and cake

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This record has so many great memories from 1995... mainly they involve a van, a trip to grand prix race-o-rama, state troopers and Chloe. The main character though was really Alex, this tall curly haired girl from Boston, sitting in the front passenger seat - for some reason I had not seen her face before we got into the van, all I saw was this big mop of hair (akin to the album cover actually, or so it seemed)- suddenly, quite subtilely 'Jacking the ball' started and I was in awe with both the song and with Alex - I know it sounds obnoxious but for a complete stranger to catch me off guard with music isn't something I take lightly (every time I ran in to her I'd say thanks for introducing me to the S&C)... the next day Doug, Chad and I ran out to Sound Splash to buy this album, I think we had to order it... the record is almost perfect, quiet, pensive, responsive, relaxing, exciting, sad, hopeful, all the things a great pop record should be... just buy it.

9.3 out of 10

Jacking The Ball


Blogger ChadAM said...

Chloe. the beautiful creature that she was. We had many fun times on that bus. What a strange night that was. Have you located EVERGREEN? That was the other band that we heard that night. remeber it took an eternity to get there? Andre was mad because we missed his big swing with his cousin NOLAN. We rode the go carts and doug and I had those googles on? Alex is married and back in WPB. She lost weight however her hair is still big. She was the only cookl one in that group. The rest were assholes. Still drunk

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