segunda-feira, fevereiro 20, 2006

488. Ben Kweller - on my way

originally uploaded by jrd550.
Hey, I love being in love. It seems like when you fall in love it all starts to make sense like 'oh! this is why I wake up everyday and go to work. got it'. But something happens to musicians when they fall in love. I was very much looking forward to this album. Young goofy Ben had enjoyed some success with his debut, toured with the other two Bens, gained a ton of fans... Look at him now, all dressed up, looking good, he became a pet owner and fell in love... HARD! But he switched his tongue in cheek melancholic pop for oh my god I'd kill for you babe, you even look cute when you fart, matter of fact tracks. They aren't irresistible anymore - they are really just declarations - this album could have been a spoken word record. I admire and respect some of his sincere moments like in the track below when he's telling his mom how much he loves this girl - but his undying love doesn't make for good pop. A shame.
On My Way
5.3 out of 10