domingo, janeiro 15, 2006

469. Cake - fashion nugget

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This was the first Cake album I heard and probably for the majority of people out there as wel,l given it had their minor hit 'The Distance'. My place had just been robbed, I moved out quickly and my then girlfriend and I had just broken up so it was quite a week. I temporarily moved into Meadow's place (he was actually going to move into my place before it got robbed). I think I was there for 2 weeks or so and his apartment was a studio, just a room and bathroom, no kitchen. A lot of times he was off with Natalie and I'd sit around playing Tetris listening to his cd's since all of mine were in storage. This disc really struck a chord with me back then and I listened to it over and over again - so it became a very unlikely break up record for me. The band grabs what worked so well on 'Motorcade' and truly build on it. A gem in its genre.

Here's one for when you're tired of hearing the same bullshit story/excuses:

8.5 out of 10