quinta-feira, janeiro 12, 2006

466. The Go! Team - thunder, lightning, strike

originally uploaded by jrd550.
I resisted TGT for a long time not because I purposely avoid bands which are receiving a ton of hype, that's bullshit and I hate people who'll dismiss a band because of all the media attention. I resisted because my friends were really into them and I figured that with the mix project I have going on and all the mp3 blogs out there I'd be able to hear enough and judge before buying the album. Well I did and I liked it but something about the production bothered me. The entire album sounds a bit tinny, like the treble is up way too high and the bass has been pulled out. Once I accepted that the album sounds like this I was able to really enjoy it like a long lost frantic soundtrack to a bunch of great ideas we all thought we've had at one point or another. I picked it up used and was immediately disappointed a day later when I found out the domestic release was coming out with bonus tracks for roughly the same price. But I then found out that due to copyright issues some samples were replaced, so I'm happy to have the original version. Also this disc too is in the wrong category, it's going into my 'mixed media/pyschedelia' area.

8.5 out of 10