domingo, janeiro 02, 2005

159. Faith No More - the real thing

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This band was ahead of its time. When this album came out Slaughter's 'up all night' was on MTV 24/7. So this was one of those albums that really came out of nowhere and was sort of a preview of the 'new' sound that still lay ahead (alice, Jane's, tool, body count, PJ, RHCP, etc.). This was the first album featuring Mike Patton on vocals for the band, and they combined metalish guitar playing, with keyboards, rapping and r&b back up vocals (amongst other things). The album feels at times like it is all over the place and really is - this makes sense since they were still trying to figure out their sound. Still the album is great, I love 'The real thing', 'underwater love', 'from out of nowhere', and Sabbath's War Pigs cover isn't bad either.

'Touch me from below, I’ll never let you go'

7.5 out of 10