domingo, janeiro 02, 2005

155. John Frusciante - niandra lades & usually just a t-shirt

Niandra lades and usually just a t shirt
This album is both part genius and crap. Very lo fi, just John playing and singing everything. You can hear how much of him is in the Peppers. Some of the arrangements are truly great, much more than someone just sitting around fucking with a four track, but at the same time some songs get lost in looping hell. But it all comes together with song titles like 'your pussy's glued to a building on fire'.

5 out of 10


Blogger ChadAM said...

This is another example of artist situation influencing my opinion. I enjoy this album far more that To record Water. In fact, I no longer own to RECORD water. This to me has heart. It has Sould and it is the most bizarre and fucked up shit I have ever heard.( next to WESLEY WILLIS) It makes me crazy. It makes me mad. And there are some beautiful tracks (mainly instrumental) on this album. I recommend throwing about 4 or 5 back, lighting some candles and think about anything you want to while spinning this.

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