domingo, janeiro 02, 2005

145. Red Hot Chili Peppers - around the world #1

originally uploaded by jrd550.
Single of Around the World, contains a demo version of Parallel Universe (same thing just not as polished) plus the two non LP tracks Teatro Jam and Me and My Friends. I just realized the Me and My Friends was written by the earlier incarnation of RHCP featuring the deceased Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons (who later played with Pearl Jam). Teatro Jam is as the title implies a jam recorded from the Teatro recording sessions. The song makes me want to have the Peppers put out an instrumental album, give Kiedis one of those egg shakers and turn his mic off. It’s good stuff. Me and My Friends is okay - I'm just not a fan of that era from the band, despite the album being produced by George Clinton, it's just not my thing.

6 out of 10