quinta-feira, outubro 28, 2004

104. Live - throwing copper

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I temporarily suspended my knowledge of what happened to this band because I remember loving this album - and when I think of them now I cringe. So I listened to this album objectively and the album seems like it came from the now cheesy Live. Some songs are still great (The dam at otter creek, I alone, t.b.d., white discussion), but others are just over produced and predictable. It's a shame they didn't just keep getting better.

7 out of 10


Blogger ChadAM said...

I am going to disagree that it came from the cheesy place. YEs by today's standards and musical tastes it is overproduced. it (like many bands from that era) shoots its load right away. It comes at you with everything. However in context of the times and the band's previous effort it was light years ahead and provided some great moments lyrically and sonically. TBD is still un unnerving and creepy song to be. DAM (live at the EDGE peeking through a piece of plywood still runs chills up my spine), WHITE DISCUSSION (heard on the radio recently and realized that it is still better than half of the corporate shit out there). Regardless, I enjoy this album because it is like seeing a sad depressed confused angry man climb up to the top of the buildig, open the window, scream out and fall to his death. That is what LIVE did, the fell far from grace and this was GRACE. It's all down hill from here.

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