quinta-feira, outubro 28, 2004

102. QOTSA - songs for the deaf

originally uploaded by jrd550.
This album came out with a ton of hype and praise, backed by an ensemble cast including Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan. I like the idea of a band having a revolving cast, constantly morphing its line up while anchoring itself with a couple of members. It was also labeled as a concept album, a description I can't seem to grasp or agree with. All the songs are linked by DJ's who are more annoying than real life DJ's on a fictional radio in your car. 'No one knows' plays as a loud fun ZZ Top track (or Fastball, if that was their name), and that is a good as it gets... who knew. Yes Dave's drumming is great and Mark's vocals are a welcoming change but the songs never go beyond being loud and tight. They never go a step further - they speed up, slow down, go from muffled to load, but never take you anywhere.

6.5 out of 10