quinta-feira, outubro 28, 2004

101. QOTSA - feel good hit of the summer

originally uploaded by jrd550.
This is an Australian tour edition cd single. My friend Chad had been praising 'R' all year long; I saw this (again on the cheap) and figured why not. I like 'feel good' musically; lyrically it's not that much further along than Motley Crue's 'Dr. Feelgood' - songs about drugs that are so literal are just stupid. Contains another album track and three b-sides.The cover 'Never say Never' is faithful but still original, 'You're so vague' is a play on 'You're so vain' and that is as clever as it gets, 'Who'll be the next in line' is um, another cover which shouldn't have been uncovered or covered I guess.

6 out of 10